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Object Augmentation

The best 3d print I had lying around was a bust of Dante Alighieri (we needed a calibration print and I have a history with printing him), so I uploaded the .stl file to Unity, and in honor of his journey through hell, purgatory and paradise, gave him wings and an extra set of laurels (which are unfortunately offset slightly).

Image Target Test

I used Autodesk Maya to create a simple animation of a swimming whale to import into Unity, with a image target of an underwater scene filled with bubbles. Some of the issues that occurred were in trying to loop the animation, which only runs once before the whale stops swimming once imported. The imported material settings also caused some unusual shading along the fins of the whale.

The idea was based on the story of the "loneliest whale." While not captured in the recording, whale song plays as soon as the target is found, and drops away with increased distance from the camera.

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